5 Steps To Doing What You Love Remotely By Being A Virtual Assistant
Work anytime, anywhere, even while traveling
Balance work and family time comfortably
Get an additional stream of income
Enhance your skills and experience
More than 5000+ people already learned how to work remotely from scratch.
Join this free lesson to understand how you can become a virtual assistant to have freedom and flexibility you deserve.
15 July (Mon), JAKARTA TIME
07:00 P.M
Being a Virtual Assistant has
Quitting my 9-5 corporate job has been the best decision | made 4 years ago. My life has changed completely since | changed my career path as a Virtual Assistant. | regained my time freedom and flexibility to work literally from anywhere.
Changed My Life!
Meet Our Guest Speakers
Gessa Ardhian Kusmararudi
Virtual Assistant with 1 international client
SGB VA Course Alumni Batch 17
Ilma Pratidina Suryandari
Virtual Assistant with 2 international clients
SGB VA Course Alumni Batch 18
With a financial accounting and banking background, Gessa is now a...
  • Full-time employer, but also working as a VA
  • Currently working with 1 client from Switzerland
  • Offer Lead Generation service
With an electrical engineering background and no prior VA experience, Ilma is now a...
  • Full-time housewife and Virtual Assistant
  • Currently working with 2 clients from Canada and the UK
  • Offer Email Marketing and HR services
Who is this lesson for?
    If you're a busy young parent
    who wants to financially support your family, spice up your life with something new, work remotely, and spend more time with your children, this lesson is for you!
    Are you an
    employee who's stuck in a job you dislike and desperately wishes you could quit but can't afford to? Struggling to make ends meet and not living up to your full potential? This lesson is perfect for you, giving you the freedom to work on your own terms from anywhere in the world.
    Are you a freelancer who's feeling underpaid and underappreciated? Knowing that you can achieve more but don't know how to get there? Struggling to cope with your workload? This course will guide you in enhancing your skills and taking your career to the next level.
Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant ....
Become an established digital nomad, have the freedom to follow your passion from anywhere in the world
Work and Travel Anywhere
Unlock Your Potential
Discover the skills that you already possess in order to reach your goals
Combine your work and family life time ideally with ease
Achieve Work-Life Balance
Control Your Income
Take control of your income and achieve financial freedom
Set Your Own Schedule
Plan your working hours yourself and enjoy the flexibility to work when it suits you best
Discover the job market trends early in the game and become the leader in the industry
Thrive in the Post-Pandemic World
5 Steps To Doing What You Love Remotely By Being A Virtual Assistant
What Will You Learn?
Most popular services that you can provide as a remote worker
How to become a successful virtual assistant without any experience
How can you learn to become a virtual assistant in just 5 weeks and start earning
How much you can charge your clients
5 steps you need to take to become a highly paid virtual assistant
Who are virtual assistants and why it's a job of the future
5 Steps To Doing What You Love Remotely By Being A Virtual Assistant and Earning the Income You Desire
I'm Tania Gromenko
Entrepreneur and Coach
  • Managing 3 businesses
  • Virtual Assistant for Social Media Services
  • Increased my income 20 times in 2021
  • Coaching startups and entrepreneurs
  • Based in Singapore since 2016
What do my students say
  • Kazi |
    Postgrad student - Sidney, AUS
    Tania taught us that it is possible to make a living out of your passion remotely and work borderless with the right mindset. Before the course ended, I started copywriting for SGB, and since then, there has been no looking back. Currently, I'm working as a part-time VA while doing my post-graduate studies. If remote work is what you want, give this course a go. You won't be disappointed. This course is a gem!
  • Maria | @mariavirtualsolution
    Stay at home mom - Bandung, IDN
    I am really glad that I have found the SGB VA course accidentally as I am dreaming of productively gaining income by having a flexible job because I don't want to leave my children. The course is very challenging and also fun. I landed 2 clients from The United Kingdom right after the course has finished. Now I can earn a fascinating income and still be able to accompany my children.
  • Goldie | @goldiesalamah
    Homeschool mom - Surabaya, IDN
    I am very glad to have found the SGB VA course as I am wanting to have a flexible and high-paying job. The course is wonderfully structured and delivered as if I were getting advice from a friend. I got 3 clients from New York, Pakistan, and Singapore even before I finished the course. Now I can earn a satisfying income and still be able to homeschool my 2 kids.
  • Selvi | @selvi.assistyouvirtually
    Purchasing supervisor - Jakarta, IDN
    My best achievement is that I got 2 clients before the course was finished. I never thought it could happen. I was so doubtful about myself, yet in just four days of my reaching out to my client, she said yes! I was amazed from the very core. Even I am getting goosebumps telling the story right now.
  • Eman | @farrukh.eman
    Bio scientist - Harare, Zimbabwe
    Because of this course I gained an insight of how to get clients from different countries and earn money online while being at home. I was motivated to do more of this VA job when I started getting clients at the beginning of the course. Now I have so far dealt with 5 clients and still getting more work from the same clients. Thank you Tania.
  • Catherine | @catherineviriya
    Remote entrepreneur - Bali, IDN
    The most valuable aspect of this course was Tania's guidance in identifying and honing our individual areas of expertise and passion. As a result, we are able to put our interests and skills to use in our work as virtual assistants. Thanks to the team and especially Tania, I have secured 3 clients from Singapore, Italy, and Indonesia and am in discussion with prospective clients from New York and Spain.
5 Steps To Doing What You Love Remotely By Being A Virtual Assistant and Earning the Income You Desire
5 Steps To Doing What You Love Remotely By Being A Virtual Assistant and Earning the Income You Desire
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